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This Jamaican dinner package has everything you will need to make 8-10 Jamaican theme dinner for a family of 4, just add your favorite sides such as: potatoes, rice or dumplings for a complete meal. You are sure to be amazed by the variety of dinner options this Jamaican package has to offer. Try the famous Jamaican National dish with this tasty JCS Ackee, which can be prepared with saltfish/codfish, chicken or enjoyed as a vegetarian dish. Next up is the JCS Callaloo which is a type of spinach and packs a lot of nutrients, vegan friendly and fits a low calorie diet as well. This package also has a variety of mackerels from Grace Foods which includes: Grace Jack Mackerel, Grace Mackerel in Tomato Sauce and for those who like spicy, we added the Grace Hot and Spicy Mackerel in Tomato Sauce. The famous Brunswick Sardines, Grace Corned Beef and Grace Butter Beans will definitely be a must have and will sure to change things up for dinner time.

Jamaican Dinner Package consists of;

  • 1 Jamaican Country Style Ackee
  • 1 Jamaican Country Style Callaloo
  • 2 Brunswick Sardines in Soybean Oil
  • 1 Grace Corned Beef
  • 2 Grace Classic Butter Beans
  • 2 Grace Mackerel in Tomato Sauce Classic, Hot & Spicy
  • 2 Grace Mackerel in Tomato Sauce Classic
  • 1 Grace Jack Mackerel in Tomato Sauce