M&D Jamaican Delights

Bringing Jamaica to North America – one food at a time! 

How we got started

M&D Jamaican Delights started out of the need to connect Jamaican migrants living overseas with their favorite food from back home. Our company set out to make shopping for Jamaican products quick, affordable and convenient.

We realized that there weren’t many accessible grocery options for Jamaicans in the United States outside of New York, Florida and other big cities. However, there was a strong demand for such specialty food.

We are not your average online Jamaican grocery store. We’re revolutionizing online grocery shopping for Jamaicans by offering a less complicated process that allows us to simply deliver low prices, high quality, and the best shopping experience for our customers.

Why Choose M&D Jamaican Delights?

We source the best Jamaican products at the most competitive prices so our customers can benefit from accessibility without compromising affordability. No longer will Jamaicans living abroad, have to wait weeks for their favorite products to ship directly from Jamaica, or pay high shipping costs for faster deliveries. At M&D Jamaican Delights, we believe that your order should ship fast and still be free over $75.

We believe that Jamaica has some of the most authentic food products on the market, and this is a great opportunity to serve not only Jamaicans living overseas, but also introduce a variety of customers from different nationalities to our awesome food and culture as well. We stock a variety of tasty Jamaican products including: beverages, snacks, sauces, seasonings, crackers, buns, canned food products, and so much more.

High quality. Low prices. Hassle-free grocery shopping that helps you pick, click and checkout quickly!


Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to make online shopping for Jamaican groceries accessible, convenient, and affordable for Jamaicans living aboard. Unlike our competitors that charge high shipping costs and offer longer shipping times, we aim to provide you with a better service at a reasonable cost.

Our Vision

We envision to provide our esteemed customers with all the Jamaican treats they love at low prices, delivered straight to their door at no extra cost. We wish to be the company that is synonymous to online Jamaican shopping, and offer value through outstanding service and quality.

Our Values

• High Quality
We guarantee the satisfaction of every customer by offering the highest quality products at some of the lowest prices and standing behind everything we sell. Superior quality for the lowest price determines our position in the market.

• Development & Improvement
Our success is ensured by taking short decision paths and simple work processes. We grow through development and continuous improvement in our facility. We believe success is never final and we work hard to keep improving ourselves.

• Customer Service
We take the meaning of customer service to a whole new level, from the presentation of our packages, to the personalized thank you cards we send out to our customers, to let them know how much we appreciate their support. Rest assure that when you call our customer service center, you will speak directly to a M&D Jamaican Delights team member that is well verse on our diverse products and services.

• Ethical Standards

In our daily activities, we make sure to abide by the law and best practices and policies. We are an environmentally, economically and socially responsible company. We try to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible by using recyclable shipping materials and asked our customers to reuse and recycle their shipping boxes. 

• Equality & Diversity
Equality to all is imperative and so we try to demonstrate this in our company and with all our customers. We respect and encourage each other irrespective of gender, race, or color. Recognition, acknowledgment, and constructive feedback determine the operating environment in our daily work. We strive to foster an environment for leadership growth to ensure our continuous success.

• Sustainability
For us, sustainability is a key indicator of quality. In this regard, we hold ourselves to a high standard and aim to provide transparency around our sustainability initiatives, so you can make more informed decisions.