Baba Roots Herbal Beverage (5 FL. OZ.)


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Baba Roots is an herbal Jamaican beverage containing 100% natural ingredients derived from natural roots and herbs in Jamaica. Baba Roots is quite popular among young people in Jamaica, mainly because of its many health benefits and No GMO Ingredients. This all-natural herbal energy drink is grown, brewed and bottled in Jamaica.

Ingredients: Water, Brown Sugar, Molasses, Similax Balbisiana (Chainy Roots), Smilax Regelii (Sarsaparilla), Male Fern-Dryoteris Fiix Moss (Tan Pan Rock), Morinda Royoc (Strong Back), Honey, Rytidophyllum Tomentosum (Search Mi Heart), Cassia Occidentails (Dandelion), Vitis Tiliafolia (Blood Wiss), Trophis Race Mosa (Raw Moon), Alysicarpus Vaginalis (Medina), Coconueifera (Coconut Root), Mentha (Mint).

Directions: Store at room temperature and serve chilled.